Relaxation Massage in Santiago

When the tasks and worries of everyday life accumulate on top of themselves and become too much, your stress levels increase to a point where a way to release tension is necessary. When you need a relaxation massage in order to maintain a good quality of life, Santiago residents confide in Kelly Erceg’s massage studio as the perfect solution.

As a licensed massage therapist, Kelly Erceg works by combining the knowledge of eastern and western techniques to offer a full therapeutic treatment that allows you to enjoy the full relief a relaxation massage brings to your body and mind.

The Benefits of a Relaxation Massage:

A relaxation massage mostly focuses on alleviating the body and mind from stress and its resulting consequences.

Kelly Erceg, a licensed massage therapist, uses gentle pressure through gentle gliding and kneading of the skin and muscles in a passive and delicate way that enables her clients time to unwind and recover from the tensions of everyday life.

The atmosphere is soothing with ambient music and dim lighting. This full body treatment helps the body diminish the levels of stress hormones by releasing serotonin and oxytocin, otherwise known as the happiness hormones, to leave you with a sense of peace and comfort.

Other benefits from a relaxation massage that Santiago residents can enjoy include (but are not limited to):

  •   Lower blood pressure
  •   Improved peripheral circulation
  •   Improved skin tone and appearance
  •   Better gastrointestinal motility, making bowel movements more regular
  •   Reduced muscle tension
  •   Improved stress related symptoms, including a gentle boost to the immune system

Book a Relaxation Massage in Santiago Today:

When going through the daily intensity of Santiago city life, a relaxation massage becomes a necessity. The accumulation of stress limits your quality of life and diminishes your overall health.

Give yourself a moment to relax and book a relaxation massage in Santiago by calling licensed massage therapist, Kelly Erceg. This massage studio is ready for you to come enjoy the benefits of this technique.

Book your visit today through our website or by contacting +56 9 5638-9970.


Elizabeth Martin

Kelly gives GREAT massages! I've seen her for regular massage and for prenatal massage and i left feeling relaxed after both sessions!

Elizabeth Martin
Eugenia Silva

I've had a couple of massages with Kelly and her ministrations leave me feeling limber, loose, and relaxed. She is a knowledgeable and skilled masseuse, and her massage space is inviting and soothing. I highly recommend her!

Eugenia Silva
Katharina Adrian

Kelly was super professional and talented. I left with a lot less back pain after the Deep Tissue - Relaxing massage. Very recommendable!

Katharina Adrian
Stephen Johnson

Kelly is talented and very professional. Positive space and energy. I highly recommend her!

Stephen Johnson

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